Database Reader: can't read char column content from Teradata via ODBC

Dear all,

I use an ODBC connection and a database reader node to load data from Teradata DB

The expected result set contains both numeric and character columns, all of which are explicitly casted in the reader node's sql statement.

The reader node executes successfully - no errors logged - and correctly retrieves all numeric data from the database. However, the character information is missing in all relevant columns (indicated by "?"). The columns themselves are, of course, there and correctly identified as having StringCell format.

Running the node's sql statement directly in the Teradata SQL Assistant yields the correct result including all desired character information.

What am I missing here? I am not an expert on databases, so any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance!



when I execute the MISSING SQLite Connector node, there will be wrong, what can I do for executing it?

thank you