Database Reader : Wrong Data types

I found out that the database reader always converts Integer columns as Decimal (I'm using an Oracle 10g Database).
Consequently, Integers are always converted like this :
1234 1234.0
This is quite annoying when trying to use them in the joiner, as your data is not formatted as you wanted it to be...

Maybe would it be useful to let the user manually define the column type (Integer, Decimal) of the data extracted from a database ? This feature is actually available in the file Reader, but not in the database reader.

Thanks !

Hello, data columns are either return as double or integer, or string depending on the underlying meta data of the DB. As far as I know, in oracle you only have type numeric (instead of double or integer) which is then returned as double in KNIME. However, I came across the same problem. It looks like if we need a node to do this transformation manually.
Regards, Thomas

Seems to be a good solution.
Thanks a lot !