database reader

Hi all,

I'm just starting playing with knime miner so far I like the program although I did not try at its full capacity.
My question is regarding database reader trying to connect with SQL and MS Access databases with out success can you guys please provide some steps, drivers, add inn/plug ins that I need to follow/install in order to accomplish this task

Thanks in advance


In order to access a MS Access data source, you need to register your database with the ODBC Data Source Administrator, see for details. During the configuration of your MS Access data source, you will be asked to define a Data Source Name. This unique ID is then used within KNIME's Database Reader dialog to access the MS Access database. Select the standard JDBC-ODBC driver and enter the URL to your registered the database as jdbc:odbc:YOUR_ID, enter user name and password, if specified, and edit the SQL statement as a last step.

Regards, Thomas