Database Writer and MapD

I have been trying to load a MapD database using the Database Writer node from a CSV being processed by Knime v3.5. Initially I was receiving the error "Execute failed: Column "col2" of type "Local Date Time" from input does not match type "TIMESTAMP" in database at position 1", which may be related to the issue discussed on this topic. So I converted the timestamp (Knime local date time) columns back to string, and am now only writing numeric, integer, and string columns (database table schema was also changed, so timestamp columns are now varchar(255)). I am now getting the error "Execute failed: Error while adding row #3 (Row1), reason: Incorrect number of replace parameters for prepared statement INSERT INTO tablename (col1,col2) VALUES (?, ?) has only 4 parameters". Any insight on what could be causing this?

I change the database connection to an Oracle 12c database using the thin jdbc driver, and the Database Writer node is inserting without error. Seems the previous exception is related to the MapD jdbc connection. The error does not look like a response code from the database though - is there any way to investigate further? Debug logging provides no real help, just shows the Database Connection node and Database Table Creator node (being used just prior to Database Writer node) connection to MapD and testing existence of the table receiving data, then skips right to "Execute failed" error.