Database Writer Node Bug report

Hello Knime developers,

just wanted to report that the "Database Writer" node on knime fails to correctly write the SQL query when one of the columns is named "group". I already resolved by giving the column another name, but I think this is an internal bug of the node: it writes the query this way: INSERT INTO ('group) VALUES ('value'). The column name closing quote is missing, resulting in a SQL syntax error!



Hello Andrea,

thanks for reporting this issue. The problem is that the current db implementation does not automatically quote db keywords such as group or table etc. Right now it only quotes column names with spaces e.g. "column 1". I have opened a ticket for this in order to have it fixed with one of the next releases.



As of today the bug still persists. Any fix anytime soon ?

with the next release we will provide a preview of the new DB framework which will fix this issue.