Date and time widget bug

Hi team . I have a wf in which I have an option to give the date such that file generates on that date. So now I have used a date and time widget node in which only date is being considered. Also timezones are taken care
Now the user is from Poland whenever they try to run the wf with date below the 10 month the file is being generated correct.
For. Example 2023-08-31
The file being generated is example_20230831.xlsx
But if the date is given has
The file generated is example_20231101.xlsx

Please help me on priority

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Hi @johnnybasha

Please share more of your workflow, screenshots, etc. Which steps do you take to get from the widget to the actual filename?

This issue is hard to troubleshoot in the absence of any supporting material. In general, it should work fine.


Flow Variable


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Thanks @ArjenEX
The configuration is absolutely correct. The only problem is my time zone is Asia/Calcutta and the user is from Poland … is there any issue with this. Also it worked till 9 month perfectly.
This is being run in the server.