Date based S-curve

I’m looking to create an S-curve to show planned dates and actual dates. I’ve attached the excel doc and redacted sensitive info.
Drawing Production Tracker redacted.xlsx (42.0 KB)

What I’d like to show is how many documents are planned on a certain date, how many documents were actually issued on a certain date. So the output should be something like this:

Date Planned Count Actual Count Planned Cumulative Actual Cumulative
01/01/2024 1 1 1 1
02/01/2024 3 2 4 3
03/01/2024 4 3 8 6
04/01/2024 2 4 10 10
05/01/2024 4 2 14 12
06/01/2024 2 3 16 15
07/01/2024 3 2 19 17
08/01/2024 4 2 23 19
09/01/2024 2 1 25 20
10/01/2024 2 2 27 22
11/01/2024 4 2 31 24

A section of my workflow looks like this but this was taking the original document and transforming it:

Hi @lahiru_ten ,
You could try Groupby using the received or the approval date, and in the aggregation tab of the Groupby node, you can take the count of Planned and Actual Date. Finally, you can join the moving aggregator node to this Groupby and do the cumulative computation of the two count columns from the previous input.

Let me know if you could follow this and if it solved your problem.


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Would the group by function only group one columns data (lets say actual count) based on the dates on the planned count?
Was wondering if it was worth creating a date table and use the date table as the ‘group by column’ and then count planned and actual but I’m not sure how i’d do that

Hi @lahiru_ten,

what you want to accomplish is count the occurrence for certain states and chart them. Here is a possible solution:

Let me know if that suits your need.



That worked perfectly, thank you very much!! I then used a moving aggregator to get cumulative values to create the S-curve. What was the reason to use the string cleaner?

Glad to hear my solution worked. I’d appreciate if you could mark it as the solution and just in case you want to “buy me a coffee”:


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