Date bug in PDB Connector Query Builder

Hi, there seems to be a date bug in the PDB Connector Query Builder node. For example, if you select a Release Date query type the year selector won’t go past 2020. Even trying to manually enter 2021 or 2022 doesn’t work.



Thanks Scott, and my apologies for the delay getting back to you about this.

Firstly, I’ve just investigated briefly, and I can reproduce it (that’s always a good start!) and it is a bug - definitely! I will look into getting a fix sorted asap. My suspicion is that those were the last available Release/Deposition/Revision Dates in the database at the time the code was released, but I will need to spend a bit of time tracking down where and how those dates are set.

Great! And the PDB nodes are AWESOME!

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Sorry - I forgot to post back here - this was fixed in v1.36.1 of our nodes. This should be available from the KNIME 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 stable versions, and also the nightly/trunk build. These fields can now be set with any date upto the current date (that might be the date you last restarted KNIME - if that becomes an issue, do let me know and I will think how to implement a means to trigger a reload of the parameters)

This came about as I originally wanted to dynamically populate these fields in the same way they are on the RCSB Advanced Search website, but unfortunately, the web call I was using to download the configuraiton was considered non-API and changed rapidly and regularly. As a result I ended up using a static version of the file that I downloaded whilst developing the nodes, and so those dates had become locked in time.

Again - thanks for reporting this and sorry it took so long to fix (the fix was relatively simple once the cause was identified, but it also happened to get caught up with the preparation for the KNIME 4.7 release which threw a few curve balls)


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