date cannot change the format

I am a beginner in Knime. I want to change 1987-12-11 to

I click ok, I get a message,
“Missing value could not parse at index 4”

index 4 is the - sign which cannot be converted to .
Why? What can I do to change this?

Another question:
How can I change 1987-12-11 to 11-12-1987?

@OliI welcome to the KNIME forum. Date and Time variables are a standardized internal format that can be displayed in several ways but will internally remain the same:

You can extract the portions of a date and combine it back into a string in any way you like, but it will be a string. You will not be able to use date and time operations on that variable.

For presentations or charts it might make sense to convert a date/time variable. Or the report/graphic might be able to handle them in a native way and you specify a rendering in the process.


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