date conversion

how do i change the date from 8/30/2010 to something i can filter in KNIME?

particularly, i'm interested in a timestamp selection (give me all prior to date "xyz").

You should have a look at the TimeSeries package. Converting the date string by the "String to Date/Time" node and filtering by the "Extract Time Window" node should do the job.


Hi Dominik,

thanks for your information! What I really like about KNIME: You can easily change the format (I had "Month/Day/Year" and not "Day/Month/Year". I would have expected that only very few and non-flexible formats are available.


but one question just came to my mind:

how i filter according to a time treshold and end up with two ports?

i.e. all data prior to time treshold --> "fail port"; the others --> "pass port"

Well you can not do it in just one node, but if just connect two "Extract Time Window" nodes up to the dataset this will do it.

In one, set the minimum start date and for the end date just select something well into the future. This will give you everything after a certain date.

In the other, set the maximum end date you want and for the start date just select something well into the past. This will give you everything before a certain date.


Hope this helps


This has never worked properly for me. It only works if I manually change the date format to another date format in Excel (going with UK or Germany formats works) but for a date like 10/5/12, the String to Date/Time node changes it to 05.Jan.2012 - and similarly for 4/26/2011, it changes to 26.Jan.2011. This is using the date format "mm/dd/yyyy" in the node. At first I thought it was having trouble handling "5" rather than "05" for the day/month, but it's only ever reading the month incorrectly, and the console is not giving me any errors or warnings whatsoever. Is there any good way to work around this? Thanks.

Never mind, I just found the answer on a different thread:


"I had this problem in the past too, the month needs to be capitalised, small m is for minutes.




I didn't realize it was possible to edit the drop-down options!!