Date Correction in DB

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I have two table that I would like to join in DB as they’re huge, one of the join parameters is a date, and they do not line up, one set is 2020:02:01 , 2020:03:01 and the other is 2020:02:29 , 2020:03:01 etc, one always has first of the month, the other is last date. Is there a way to manipulate the date in DB? And for that matter is there any way to do any formulas in-DB? LIke say adding two rows?

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Do you plan to format date and join yyyy:mm = yyyy:mm ?

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Hi there @rossmc,

so you can try following. Use DB Joiner node regardless of this mismatch. Then use DB Query Extractor to get the joining query which you should manipulate to get your date columns in line. Then feed new query as a flow variable to DB Query in order to do execution on DB.

Regarding manipulation in database data you can do whatever can be done using SQL :wink:



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