date difference if one cell is blank

I have a question. I have to find out date difference between two cells. But in my case, date is missing in some cells. Excel can detect the missing cell and give one value. But KNIME considers this missing cell as missing and does not provide any date difference value. Can anyone suggest any solution?

date difference
date difference1

@emshihab this seems to be more of an Excel question. How can Excel come up with a value if the other date is missing?

44k something sounds suspiciously like days since 1st of January 1900 which is where the internal excel calendar starts. So it seems the missing date is just interpreted as 0 (zero). If you really want this you could replace missing dates with this date, but I very much doubt this makes any sense.


I understood your point. In my work, I don’t need to work with missing date. Just for curiosity, I wanted to know that like excel, does KNIME have any built in function to solve issues like missing column.

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Hi @emshihab , there is a Missing Value node in Knime that you can use to handle cells with missing values. You can choose to replace the missing values with a fixed value, or values from the previous row, etc.


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