date field

a general question: how do you create a date/time column?

imported dates from excel are not recognized as such, and string to date/time does not work.

with the node “time generator” you can generate a DateAndTime column, but no idea how to do this with imported data. i have tried everything [import options, time series nodes etc].


Hi Henk, why is the string to date/time not working?

Because typically reading the column as a string and than using the stringto node is the right way.

The next version of the XL reader reads the data from a date cell as string (and not as number anymore). This string is similar to what is dispayed in the spreadsheet application and can be transformed into a KNIME DateAndTime cell. 

- Peter.

thanks peter. the problem was this: i interpreted the dropdown menu in the date/time node as restrictive [like in excel, or in a database].

after reading the message from Dominik i realized that this was not the case. so all i had to do type in another "M" in the dd-MM-yy string of the dropdown....blush