Date fields when sending to Tableau TDE file or server


I am running the new KNIME Analytics Platform 3.3 (64-bit) and I am facing an issue when exporting to Tableau, both to TDE files and Tableau Server. I am using the Tableau SDK 10.1.1 64-bit

Date fields in KNIME are saved as Strings in the tableau data files, do anybody have any ideas to solve this? The only workaround I have is to add calculated fields in tableau to manually parse the strings to dates

Many thanks




Hi Martin,

I can confirm this behaivor. The KNIME date/time types are currently being rewritten so when we wrote the KNIME-Tableau integration we decided to fall back to plain strings as date/time representation. The date/time type definition in Tableau is much more detailed than in KNIME. This is going to change when we complete the date/time rewrite (it'san ongoing effort).

... so yes, you need to do some parsing in Tableau.


Hi Bernd,

Thank you for the reply. Looking forward to the change, and we will manage with the parsing until then :-)


Hi Bernd,

Is there any solution for this problem now?

Kind regards 


No news yet but we are aware of the problem and try to connect with the folks at Tableau. Thanks to the new hyper format we’ll need to review the integration anyway. Tableau’s new API does no longer support upload to their server natively.


Hi @wiswedel,

Do you know when the Tableau hyper integration will be available?

Thank you.

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Hi @Haystack -

I can’t give an ETA, but I wanted you to know we’re actively working on this.

Thank you, @ScottF

Is there any news on this?

Hi @mmcmcmc -

No additional updates right now. A Tableau integration update is ongoing, and you may start to see those features creeping into the nightly builds soon. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much more than that at the moment.