Date Mapping through Date intervals


I want to map week number using date intervals.


If the date falls in between any of the intervals in mapping that is from “Start” to “End” then I want that Week Number to get assigned for that particular date.

Thanks in advance.

have you thought about using the:

to extract the week numbers or do you want to use your own definition.

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Starting with what @mlauber71 suggested, I would do something like this:

  1. Convert your dates from string to KNIME date format
  2. Extract the day of year from the date, as well as the start and end
  3. Cross join the two tables
  4. Use a Rule-based Row Filter to keep only the records where the day of year for the date falls between the day of year for start and end

A bit clunky due to the cross join, but it should work.


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