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I have a date column with rows like this 2012-09-2815:53:25.0, I need to parse it to 28/09/2012, I´ve seen that it has to work with the node Date&Time to String or String to Date&Time. Can you be more specific?

Thanks as always Knimers.

Hi @dirojas -

Take a look at the attached workflow. It reads in your string and converts it to native KNIME Date&Time format, with which you could do all sorts of duration and extraction calcs as needed. It also writes back to a string in the form you specified.

DateTimeParsingExample.knwf (8.5 KB)


hey, I have a column containing DatesModification row1: 2014-09-28T15:53:25 row2: 2012-09-28T15:53:25
I want to get the diff time between the current time date and the dates that have in my tables column (DatesModification ) I used the node deference legacy but wrong result

Hi @Mokrani -

I would suggest using instead the Date&Time Difference node. Legacy nodes are provided for backwards compatibility with existing workflows, but you’ll probably want to avoid using them when starting a workflow from scratch.

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@ScottF yes exactly I want to use this node in the front of the workflow and add condition if (DatesModification - current date >24hour ) don’t run the workflow

Hi Mokrani
you said you have it in different rROWS… please beware that calculations such as the time difference are operating among COLUMNS not rows… so you either pivot your table or a …bit more tricky…you add a second column to your table and fill it with the corresponding date for the difference…

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