Date Scaffolding - Join Dates with Less Than / Greater Than Function

I’ve experienced that in other workflows, but not this one. Not knowing exactly where you’re having issues, but generally speaking I found the Column Auto Type Cast node to be helpful in resolving column issues before they go into a DB node such as DB Writer.


Hi @Daniel_Weikert
yikes! I just downloaded the workflow that I’d posted and it was actually the wrong one, lol. It wasn’t the one I showed in the screenshot and was an early version :open_mouth:

I have updated the workflow in the original post. I’ll attach it again here for clarity. Can you give this one a go and check if it works for you.

Forum - Date Scaffolding - v2.knwf (1.3 MB)

Also, here is a link to the component which is now on the hub


Hi @qdmt, Yes indeed… “Column Auto Type cast” is exactly what the later version of the component used! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, as commented to @Daniel_Weikert , I originally managed to post the wrong version of the workflow. Well done for managing to make it work regardless!

And as you will see from the above post, the latest version of the component can be downloaded from the hub, so if it gets any bug fixes or other improvements, you’ll get them too. (The previously posted workflow didn’t have the hub-linked version in it) :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I try to know at least a thing or two.

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