Date&Time-based Row Filter configuration

I am trying to use “Date and time based row filter” node. when i am uploading my data set, it is not processing it as it is showing “No column is spec compatible to ‘Local Data Value’,‘zone date time value’”.
please help me and tell me how could i do it as most of the data set is not having dates including their time zone…
how could i proceed with this??

Hello @carboniferous,

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to use Date&Time-based Row Filter you need to have Date&Time column type. Column types can be seen in data output view. From printscreen you can see first two columns are Date, third is String and last two are Long, Double respectively.


This flow example features node you are interested in:

If you have Date(and/or Time) information in String column use String to Date&Time node to convert it.

Also here is blog post (older but valid) about Date&Time integration in KNIME (back than it was new).

Hope this helps!


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thankyou so much for the reply.
yeah i have rectify the issue.

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