Date&Time Config Node Execution Time Does Not Update When Inside Component

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This one has me stumped. And sorry for not having screenshots or workflows included, the issue is on my work machine and unable to share such things because of blocks. Anyway…I have a workflow. Inside that workflow is Date and Time Config Node. If I don’t put it inside a component then the execution time always updates when I execute and then look at flow variable output. But when I put it inside a component for some strange reason it does not update. It’s mind boggling. I get a message at the bottom of the box when I go to configure the date and time config node that says “Value overwritten by dialog, current value: [accurate execution time]”. So it has the correct execution time, it just doesn’t use it in the output. It seems like whatever is in the component labels overrides the true execution time.

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UPDATE!!! I was able to isolate the issue and include a workflow (attached) just not sure how to fix. So here’s what I find to be the cause. If even one time I go into Component…Configure…and place my cursor in the date/time label input area even one time…KNIME then takes that as an input in the component…which makes sense but…how do I go back and make it use the Date Time config node execution time instead? Even if I rebuild workflow and replace date time config node with a new one, there’s always the possibility I or another user will inadvertently place cursor in time field in Component…Configuration… Thanks!!!Component Execution Time Issue.knwf|attachment (10.3 KB)

Actually, as is usually the case, typing out my question and thinking about it helped me solve this issue on my own! Turns out I need to use Date and Time Input node, not Date and Time Config node. For this use case, that’s the proper node to use…input node execution time always flows to component choice, which is grayed out, but gives you the option to change, but with a checkbox. Totally what I need. As always, KNIME has the functionality I need before I even know I need it. Amazing tool. Thanks!


Glad you found what you need, and thanks for posting your process!

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