date&time Configuration - default value as variable

Hi there!

im trying to set the “default Value” of Date&Time Configuration as a variable (i want it to be always current day -1)

i have created a variable with this current date -1 but i dont found the way to configure “default value” as a variable.
is this posible?


If you go to the Flow Variables tab, you can set a variable which controls the Default value:


thank you so much. i set the defaultValue with my Variable as you said but it dosnt work as i expected

when i open the configuration of the component:

the date shown is not de default value assigend by the variable. Instead of it m it’s just the last value i’ve entered in the configuration of the component

maybe this it’s the way it works, but i would like that every time i open the configuration of the node, the deafult date changes as the variable i’ve created


Just to understand,
You created a variable which returns the Execution Day/Time by default, did a date time shift of -1 day and use that as variable for default value and it does not work?

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Hi @Pablo I can confirm that I have the same results on my side.

When I overwrite the Default value with a variable in the Date&Time Configuration node, I can see the message that it is being overwritten:

But when I open the Component, it does not overwrite it:

However, if I use the Date&Time Widget, I do see the overwritten date in the Interactive view:

This would probably work well on the web portal (need Knime server for this), not sure how this would work in the back end (Knime AP)

Note: I’m not trying to solve the Current day - 1 since this was not the issue, but rather to overwrite the Default value with a date, for example Current day - 1, or another example where I hardcoded 2023-01-01



yes, that excactly what i want, but as bruno said, it doesnt work. the variable dont overwrite the default value when you open the component.

i’ve finaly changed my workflow. So i’m not using date&time configuration. now im using Date&Time Widget


thanks bruno!

i’ve changed my workflow and now i’m using date&time Widget as you suggested.
i can confirm that it works well without knime server, in Knime AP.

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No problem @Pablo , you’re most welcome.
cc: @ScottF from Knime to confirm the behaviour that was raised for the Date&Time Configuration node where default value is not being overwritten by variable (see above date&time Configuration - default value as variable - #5 by bruno29a)


Thanks everyone for the investigation into this issue. Sounds like we need a ticket for this if one doesn’t already exist. I’ll check.


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