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Hi Folks

I have been using the string to Date&TIme node to resonable success.
However where the strings do not match the pre-made date formats that you can select, i can’t convert/parse

Is there another node i missed or method where i can specify the format, for example YYYYMMddHHmm ?



Hi @Gavin_Attard,
could you please provide some examples how your date/time strings looks. Without any example it is difficult to come up with a suggestion or solution.


string = 202006231945

format i’m looking for is YYYYMMddhhmm

You can manipulate the string e.g. with simple java snippet and convert it afterwards.

Ya i figured a solution like that, but that’s a tedious additional step.

Maybe one for the devs to provide an option in the string to datetime to enter custom date parse strings.
@ipazin - This something you can make visible?

Hi there @Gavin_Attard,

you can already input custom formats in String to Date&Time node.

Make sure to check node description for more proper placeholders.




As @ipazin suggested use “String to Date&Time” node and use yyyyMMddHHmm as the custom format

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I’ll be damned! Thanks @ipazin i hadn’t realised that i coudl jsut put in a custom format, i thought it was just a drop down…

Ya then just had to change to the localDate pattern format
For the uninitiated - available here.

Thanks all

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Hi @ipazin,

nice! I had overseen this possibility.
Learning never ends. :smile:


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