Date&Time shift in a recursive loop

I am working in a recursive loop and am using the Date&Time shift node within it. I would like this node to write the output to an existing field however there is no option to do this. I can only replace the original date&time field that is being shifted or append a new one, rather than replace an existing but different field. I would really appreciate some help on this.

Knime 2

My first thought is to choose the option to append a column with the “(shifted)” date&time, then use the Rule Engine node to update the “existing field” with the "(shifted) date&time, and finally remove the original “(shifted)” column using a Table Manipulator or Column Filter


Hi @h_petheram,

You can also add periods in the Column Expressions node of the KNIME Expressions extensions. The Column Expressions node allows you to update existing columns. Below is a screenshot illustrating how this might be accomplished.

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