Date&time type dependencies

The DateAndTimeCell is deprecated. It says:

@deprecated use the new date&time types from org.knime.time instead

But I can’t find any new date and time types. Is this still correct advice and if so, where are they?

org.knime.time in knime-base

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Thanks, but it’s not there, not in the version I have. Yes, knime-base is a good place to look for nodes and I’ve been there often, but no sign of org.knime.time. Just lots of nodes.

Do I need a different target? I’m just using the base target, because of all the problems I had with the ‘complete’ target previously. Is that where it lives?

All you need to do is to add a plugin dependency to org.knime.time in your MANIFEST.MF. Like in this screnshot:

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Thanks, that works.

I note that it isn’t a drop-in replacement because a) the TYPE variable is not public and b) the constructor is not public, it uses a Factory class instead (unlike the other DataType classes).