Date&Time Widget default variable overriding user selection


  1. I am feeding a variable into the Date&Time Widget as the DefaultValue
  2. When testing in knime desktop, the user selected date value is the output from the widget.
  3. When running on the server, the output from the widget is always the default value regardless of user changes.

Should be fairly easy to replicate. Put datetime widget in a component, feed it a default datetime variable with timezone from a Date&TimeConfiguration node. Connect to another component with something in it.

Hi Anon,

could you please provide a sample workflow to see the exact issue you are facing? I have tried to reproduce the behavior with the following workflow but was not able to.

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datetimeforum.knwf (15.8 KB)

Thanks ACseresnyes,
Looks like your flow didn’t have the variable set as the default value in the date picker. My attached flow does.

DatePickerTest2.knwf (13.5 KB)

In the flow you uploaded, it has the same behaviour I describe when you check the ‘use execution time’ box in the Date&Time Configuration node and then feed that date-input variable in as the default datetime in Date&Time widget.

In my case for my actual flow where the issue arose, I am using Date&TimeConfig with execution time and then a date&time shift node before feeding a date variable (12months in the future) to the default in Date&TimeWidget.

You need to move the generation of the default out of the component. Otherwise with every execution the value will be overwritten with the default.

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Excellent thankyou, that solved it. That wasn’t intuitive for me at all. Is there any documentation or learning material you could point me to that explains the interactions happening at all? Thanks again

I have to admit, I did learn this one also with try and error…

And to be very honest, while I would not call it a bug, it is a difficulty we in the future of KNIME would like to address and make easier to use :slight_smile:

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