Date&Time with Zone serialization to CSV

When using the Write to CSV node, Knime writes ZonedDateTime in this format: 2017-12-17T15:00Z[UTC]. The problem is that most other applications do not understand the [TimeZone] format, since it is not according to standard, so we have to do additional steps to get it into a compatible format, either in Knime or in the application consuming the CSV. The square-bracket output is a Java ZoneDateTime thing and is not ISO-8601 compatible. Everything but the square-bracket part is ISO-8601 compatible. Can we either have an option in the CSV Writer node that lets you choose ISO-8601 compatibility or have the default be ISO-8601 compatible? I could, of course, do a Date&Time to String node and force it into a compatible format before writing data out, but I think the behavior of the CSV node should be to write Date & Time types in an interoperable format.

Thank you,


Hi Michael,

You can get rid of the time zone with the Modify Time Zone node.


Yes, but that removes the offset from GMT in the exported file, which is necessary information in our case.