DB Connection to Denodo virtual database not working in Knime 4.7.0 version

We are currently using Knime AP 4.3.0 version. We have a Denodo virtual database (Denodo 7.0 version) where we get lots of data for our needs. Now we have also a Knime AP 4.7.0 installation we are doing tests in order to upgrade all our PCs to 4.7.0 version. Unfortunately, DB connection to Denodo in Knime 4.7.0 seems not working.
We did all the usual steps to enable Denodo access:

  • Upload SSL certificate
  • Set the Denodo driver in Knime preferences as usual.
    This is the error we get:
    “connection error: Cannot trust the server to establish a SSL connection”

Is there anything else we must do / set?
Is there any compatibility issue between the two versions (Knime AP 4.7.0 and Denodo 7.0)?

Thank you very much for you help.
Best regards

Hi all.
The issue was related with the certificate. After uploading the correct one, we were able to connect to Denodo.

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Thanks for updating the thread, and including details on the solution.

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