DB Connector can't select a database type on the web portal

Before building the workflow, I had set up a Driver from preference->KNIME->Database, specified the ID, Name, database type, did this on the server platform also.
Then built a workflow with DB Connector (using the Driver as Driver Name), DB Query Reader, and Table View node,
it works fine in desktop KNIME, but when I deployed it on the KNIME server and executed it, it will fail and the error as:
There are messages for workflow “Tep_ODS 2021-01-26 13.13.54”
Component Input 13:6:0:5 - WARNING: Component does not have input data, execute upstream nodes first
DB Connector 13:1 - WARNING: Please select a database type.

Looks like some problem occurs between the KNIME server and web portal, appreciate if anyone knows how to fix this problem.

Hello @Hawk326040 ,

according to the Database Guide this can either be done using customization profiles either registering JDBC drivers directly on the executor with a preferences file. Check here for more:



Thanks for your help. Yes, using customization profiles can resolve this problem.

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