DB Connector failing while batch execution

Hello community.
I have workflow with DB Connector which is connected to Oracle DB. In normal mode(Knime run) it works fine, however using batch mode(Win scheduler + *bat file) it doesn’t work unfortunately.
Any advises?

Hi @EvgeniyKvitnitskiy,

maybe as a workaround.
Did you try with the old legency database nodes as well?
In the past (like 3-4 years ago) they worked for me in batch mode :slight_smile:

From the error message it seems like it does not manage to load the db-driver profile :confused:
(just guessing maybe it is really just a warning)
Did you execute the batch with the knime folder as execution folder?
Does your execution batch specify the
parameter (with an file.epf containing the correct db profile?)


Please check this post -

Powershell script by @ScottMcLeodPSLGroup is really cool !

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But it works perfect if I run WF manually…

Thanks for that, I replace DB connector and DB reader to old one ant it works perfect.
So something wrong with new nodes.


It could be that somewhat the batch does not get the correct db profile configuration.
I got a similar Problem where our KNIME Server did not have the correct configuration for the new db nodes, while the knime executor on the same server could run the same workflow without problems :slight_smile:
Maybe @tobias.koetter knows more what to check when using the new db nodes together with batch mode

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