DB Connector (Labs) not working from WebPortal

Dear KNIME Team members,

I have created a simple workflow using the node DB Connector (Labs). This node is used to establish a connection with SAP HANA Enterprise. I am reading the data from an Excel file and inserting the same data in HANA Enterprise. Everything is working fine if I am using the workflow from local workspace. I have even pushed the workflow to KNIME Server and it is working fine.

The problem starts when I try to execute the workflow from WebPortal. I am receiving the following error message -
Status: DataLoadError: DB Connector 3:19
Status: DataLoadError: Loading model internals failed: Database driver could not be found: “HANA”

Can you provide any solution? Am I missing something on server?

P.S. I am using KNIME 3.7

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Piyush Bansal

Hi there @piyushbansal08,

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Have you added the path to the driver to your preferences.epf file?

Check here for more.


Hi piyushbansal08,
you can also find detailed information about the server setup in the database documentation.

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