DB Insert into Redshift failing

Hi there,

I’m trying to insert into a redshift table using the Amazon Redshift Connection node into the DB Insert node. And I get this error:

ERROR DB Insert 3:1111 Execute failed: [Amazon][JDBC](10220) Driver not capable.

I get this even on the simplest insert into a single-column table with a string data type.
I’ve tested the insert via a client with the same credentials and it works.


Hi @tsemana , as the message says, it has nothing to do with credentials, and it should not matter what kind of insert you are doing.

I imagine that the error message you provided was the last line of the messages. Are there any other info before that line that would give more information?

Hi @bruno29a there aren’t any other error messages in the knime console. As I mentioned this is from a 3-node test where I create a record to input using the Table Creator node and attempt to write it to the DB. Is there any setting to make the KNIME console more verbose?

Hello @tsemana,

to set log file verbosity level level go File --> Preferences --> KNIME

What KNIME version are you using? I suppose you have added KNIME Amazon Redshift Driver extension?


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