DB Loader LONGTEXT support


I have millions of rows I need to write to MYSQL. It works great using the DB Loader vs the Writer. However, it does not support LONGTEXT. It gives me:

The input column type at index 6 is "VARCHAR", and the database column type is "LONGVARCHAR".

Any workaround?

Hello @nxfxcom ,
thank you for your question!

I think you might need to adjust the Type Mapping settings in the connector node, you have used. For instance, in MySQL Connector node you may find a tab “Output Type Mapping” and change the mapping from String → VARCHAR to String → LONGVARCHAR (see the attachment).

This forum thread addresses analogous topic and could be useful.
Please, let me know if it does not solve the issue and, if possible, attach the example Workflow.

Hope this helps!

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