DB Loader node, how can I set up correct data types?

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I am trying to load data that is stored in Excel into a MYSQL database. I tried using the DB Insert node, but since I need to load sometimes 200 thousand rows the performance of DB Insert is too slow. I want to try with the DB Loader node, as the description says it’s good for bulk loads of data.

The problem I am encountering is data types. For example, my data from Excel is String type in Knime, but needs to be VARCHAR in the database. I cannot understand how to change the data types to match the database types. the DB Insert node has settings that allow to do that, but DB Loader does not.

Anybody has an idea?


DB Loader will not change table data type. As string a varchar are compatible, what exact issue do you have?

Hello! These are the errors I am getting.

I found out how to solve it, just need to set outbound parameters in the MYSQL connection node.
Learned here DB upload takes long time - #5 by varelapablo.

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