DB Loader not working with Hive in 4.3.0

DB Loader stops working with Hive in 4.3.0
It was working in 4.2.x
Now it shows below error:

ERROR DB Loader 0:7 Execute failed: Error while compiling statement: FAILED: SemanticException Line 1:17 Invalid path ‘’/temp/knime2db69a3a51f85334e75.parquet’’: No files matching path file:/temp/knime2db69a3a51f85334e75.parquet

Hi @prayeratnight

can you maybe upload the workflow you are using here as well?

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Hello prayeratnight,
can you please give some more detail about the big data environment you are using e.g. Hortonworks, Cloudera or a cloud environment and also the Hive version and HDFS protocol.

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The Hive environment is setup using BDE docker images.

The workflow has been attached.
KNIME_project.knwf (16.5 KB)

Hi @prayeratnight,

the repository looks very outdated and is no longer actively maintained (last update 2018). I did not get the metastore up and running with the docker-compose-hive file from the repository until switching the version of the hive images to 2.3.2. After that everything seems to work and I can’t reproduce your problem.

Make sure the /temp directory exists or the create missing folder option is enabled in the DB Loader. If this does not help, try to enable the debug log level in the Preferences > KNIME > KNIME GUI.


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