DB Looping Query in Table

Looking to create a loop where query can be fed into query reader from a table row. Require this as a loop or iteration as multiple rows to query. Attempted to run as one big query but got a timeout error so seeing if a loop would solve this.

Hey @gem4236,

the DB Looping – KNIME Community Hub node might be useful here. Here you can find an example workflow to see how it is used DB Looping Example – KNIME Community Hub

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Hi @laaaarsi, thank you for your reply. I have looked at the DB Looping node but got a time out error when using. I was wondering if only a select number of queries can be run at the same time with some sort of a cache at the end, where it is able to loop through the whole list to avoid the timeout error. The only other method i could think is to split the query manually into groups and join at the end but i imagine the join would encounter the same error.

So you are trying to do something along the lines of

WHERE col1 = someLoopVariable


WHERE col1 IN (partialSet)

Either way you could try to wrap the DB Looping node i.e. within a chunk loop

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