DB Query Reader Metadata Browser

After the last update, each folder in the metadata browser is expanded… This is quite annoying for large databases. Will this bug be fixed in the next update?
Additionally… It’s great that the tables are sorted alphabetically, but can there be an option to sort the columns alphabetically when the table is clicked/expanded?


Hello @Snowy ,

For the purposes of being able to replicate this issue for a feature request, would you be able to provide some steps to reproduce this effect, or a screenshot showing the issue?

Please also include what OS you’re on and what version of the KNIME software you’re using.

Thank you,

Hi @NDekay
I am using the Hive Connector which is connected to the DB Query Reader.
Using Windows 10 Enterprise v1909
Using KNIME version 4.4.0

Here is the screenshot:

And, clicking on an individual table displays the columns within that table, but in a (seemingly) random order.

Thanks for your help!



I have submitted an enhancement feature request (AP-17416) to request this improvement.

Please let us know if you have any other suggests or commentary.

Thank you,


Hello @Snowy,

just to inform you (in case you haven’t seen or noticed) that your request was included with KNIME version 4.2.2.


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Yay! Thanks KNIME team!

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