DB SQL executor


our setup:

  • Ubuntu Server 22.04 with GUI
  • knime version 4.6.3
  • PSQL version 15

When I run WRKF with Knime Analytics platform GUI version, the DB SQL executor works fine. (It has to query which delete data from table and it takes around 75 secons to handle this query). However, when running the same WRKF from terminal with -nosplash options, it fails. I was wondering if there is any timeout in the DB SQL executor node that can cause this problem?

Other WRKFs run with no error from terminal, that it not the issue.


Hi @biolekm

Are you able to show us the error output that you are getting ?

Is your workflow running on the same machine with and without GUI ? If it is a different machine and you are getting a timeout, maybe you need to check your connections to the DB first, from that machine where you are running the workflow in batch mode.

That is all I can think of without much information.


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