DB Table selector: Table or view does not exist (case-sensitive schema and table name for Oracle)

I get following error:

WARN DB Table Selector 0:3 java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Schema and table name are correct. I can simply enter them in the SQL editor below instead and then it works. Database is oracle.

Just found the fix while writing this point (enabled debug loggging):

KNIME create the query with alias (double-quotes) eg. “myschema”.“mytable” which on oracle means it’s then case-sensitive. So schema and table must be written in CAPITAL letter or else it fails. This isn’t good. ideally this is fixed automatically in code (eg no quotes for oracle connection) or expose an option in interface.

Hi @beginner,
you are able to set the quotes in the Connector. In the advanced tab you will find (at the end of the list) two settings: Identifier delimiter (opening) and … (closing).
You can set those to empty string if you do not want the identifiers to be quoted.

best regards Mareike

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