DB Transactions

Hi, I am about to create a knime WF which should replace some SQL logic. The Workflow has many different components who do basic Updates within the DB.
However, they separately update/write to database. What I want to get is the behaviour like in SQL-Transactions, where on failure in one calculation/step the whole transaction is rolled back. In this case that would be all KNIME components which write/update database tables.
I have found the corresponding nodes DB Transaction Start/DB Transaction End, but DB Transaction End has only one input for DB connection. In my case I would like to join all DB updates in one Transaction End (Component 2 in the screenshot below).
Any ideas how atomicity can be solved in KNIME?

You have to do it sequentially eg. component 2 between Component and transaction end.

If you think about it, it makes sense. You can go and do changes in parallel in the same transaction. I’m sure your SQL-based logic was sequential as well.


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