DB Writer Mapping for JSON column

Hi all,

I’m trying to write a JSON column to BigQuery using the DB Writer node, and can’t get the workflow to execute. I have a single JSON column that I want to write to a BQ table, but it appears there is a mapping issue. When I run the node, I get the following error:

ERROR DB Writer 3:278 Execute failed: Output type mapping is missing for column:
json (JSON)

I’m assuming that there is some sort of missing mapping in the Output Type Mapping, so I came to the tab and tried to add one. However, when I try to add a mapping I only get string-type mappings, which doesn’t make sense. It seems like there should be a JSON mapping, or something similar? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for the help!Preformatted text

Hi @nchemby1996,
After doing some preliminary research, I found some threads that might help you with this issue.

If this does not help you, could you please share the workflow with us so we can try to reproduce this on our end?


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