DB2 Database connection on MacOS


I'm new to the Knime community and am trying to set up a connection to a DB2 database using my Mac. Since the db2 driver is not in the native display, i had to add it via preferences and followed all the steps by adding the driver files. From the preferences side i have the option of picking (DB2 for : i5/OS; Linux, Unix, windows or z/OS) and a  version: are these driver configurations system version specific?. I added all the parameters but I'm having issues adding the drivers and having it listed  as a dropdown option on the connection side. Not sure if this is a driver issue or a Mac issue.

I've gone through the connection process using a windows machine and everything works fine (adding drivers, seeing driver, selecting the driver, seeing metadata etc.) Anybody know what may be happening or can point be to an answer somewhere on here. 


It is hard to tell without more information. Did you use one of the drivers from this link? https://www-01.ibm.com/marketing/iwm/tnd/search.jsp?go=y&rs=ifxjdbc

If so, which one?

You should first verify that the driver supports macOS. If macOS is supported then you'll need to look at the KNIME.log file for more error messages that might help debug the problem.