dbf file reading

I've built some great knime workflows, love the program.  I'm stuck on a problem, that I'm sure has an easy solution.

I'm trying to import DBF files.  The files have a 100 columns and 5000 rows, but when KNIME pulls it in, I get one very long row with garbage at the beginning.

Every row starts with the data, so it has a 2010, 2011, or 2012 in front.  How do I use the row delimiter so a new row starts whenever a 2012 is seen?  Or even better a new row every 100 columns?

Hard to say. Can you post a snippet or a small example of the data you are reading in, maybe we find a work around. For the long term, we have this enhancement for the File Reader on our list.

Knime is a godsend for dealing with the data.  It's just a problem to convert them on a regular basis to a cvs file.  I appreciate any suggestions.

I've tried transposing it into a column and then using column to grid; but that isn't working so well.  There must  be something easy that I'm just not understanding.

The file is a DBF, I had to change the extension to be able to upload it.

Thanks again.

Thanks. I think, the answer is that we can't read this format directly. However, if you could covert this into a flat file or xls table, you can read it in with the File Reader or XLS Reader. Hope it helps.

No idea why this showed up on my ‘radar’ today. But it is possible to use R “foreign” to import dbf (dBase) files. The one in question unfortunately could not be imported … @knorman