debug batch executor

I have a workflow which runs perfect on my desktop (mac) inside eclipse. But i need to run it directly on a server (linux) as a batch job.

If I use batchexecutor the wokrflow doesn't produce any errors just some warnings, but it fails with this in the end:

INFO 	 main BatchExecutor	 Workflow execution done Finished in 2 mins, 24 secs (144497ms)
INFO 	 main BatchExecutor	 ========= Workflow did not execute sucessfully ============
JVM terminated. Exit code=4

Any idea what is causing this?

Is there possibility to increase logging intensity so I can at least find out on which node it fails, or which nodes it can't execute?

I start knime with the following command line:

/var/www/html/knime-full_3.1.2/knime \
     -consoleLog -nosplash -reset -failonloaderror \
     -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION \
     -credential="database;root;demodemo1" \
     -workflowDir=./workflow \
     -workflow.variable="productDataBasePath,/var/www/html/ml_productdata/,String" \
     -workflow.variable="databaseUrl,jdbc:mysql://,String" \
     -workflow.variable="productDataAdditionalsPath,/var/www/html/ml/etl/additional-data/,String" \


I think i solved that myself. The key is to look for knime.log file (either in the workflow .metadata subfolder or in the workspace). There you may find a list of the exit status of all nodes. That was enough fo rme to find the malfunctioning one.

Another debug poss is to write files during the execution. Than you know until which point the workflow could be executed.

Best regards, Iris