Decimal for Brazil

Help us from Brazil! We need to work with decimal separator comma. I encourage people to work with Knime but they turn up their nose with this detail.

Hello Aldemir,

I’m sure that we can help you work through this issue. Can you provide us more detail about your use-case? What you’re trying to do, how you’re going about it, which nodes you’re using, where the hang-ups are occurring?

Also please let us know which version(s) of KNIME AP or KNIME Server you’re using, just to ensure we’re working with the same versions on our end.

Thank you,


My version is KNIME 4.6.0. I’m from Brazil. We use comma in decimal separator and Knime use standard dot decimal separator.
I asking for a solution for this problem for us. We use comma in decimal separtor. Is there a node to do this? I need to change comma to null and the dot to comma, but I think is not so dificult for you to create another way solve this problem.

See the image: