Decimal separator

i’m trying to change the decimal separator in a string-type column but don’t really know how. I want to change them from “,” to “.” and there are only a few cells that have the wrong decimal separator.

@Vincentsoy I would recommend the String to number node and set the Decimal separator after using a Rule Engine and String manipulation to replace the , or . you do not want. I will see if I can come up with an example. Question would be how to determine what is the correct setting.


thank you @mlauber71,
i came up with the same idea, but didn’t know how to define the rule.

@Vincentsoy can you give a non-code definition what separator is the right one or are they both decimal separators?

@mlauber71 i want to chance the decimal separator from “,” to “.” in the specific cells.

@Vincentsoy this is one way to do it with a Row splitter.

Another option would be to just replace the character

kn_forum_44090_decimal_separator_two_different.knwf (27.1 KB)


it worked perfectly! Thanks!


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