Decision Tree Ensemble


I'm the  beginner and wanna use Decision Tree Ensemble node but I dont know how it works for the case of classification. I need a good example. Would you please help. 

Is it possible to use cross validation in Decision Tree Ensemble node?

All in All, how can I increase the accuracy of model?




attached is an example workflow how to use Tree Ensembles.

Cheers, Kilian

How can I get the Decision Tree Ensemble node? I have to buy/install another plugin? Because using the example this is what can be read in the console: "WARN      MISSING Tree Ensemble Learner      Node can't be executed - Node "Tree Ensemble Learner" not available"


the Decision Tree Ensembles Plugin is available withing the KNIME Labs category (you can install via File > Install KNIME Extensions…).


Thanks qqilihq!!!