Decision tree - Label on ending nodes

Hi, I’m a new user.
I have read previsious post but i dont’ find a solution for creating a tag/label on decision tree ending nodes.

Spcifically, my database have a column target with a Sting value Yes/No for identity client that purchase my service.

I create a simple Workflow with decision tree lerned and I use the utility that inser a column with append distribution in each row of the table

That allow to have an idea af “probabiliy” about the classification of single client

But my goal is another : i want to add a lable/tag/name on the terminal node of the decision tree, and add this label (also ad id counter) in a column of the classificated table.
My final objective is identify and filter ending node with an high level of classification independently of the scorer of the entire model, and obviously identify with a filter the customer that belong to that nodes.

In previsiously message is posted that the model of the tree isa PPML file that is a type of XML file… is there anyone that created a node that read the model ad add the label/tag/name for ending nodes ?
Something like that (coloured column in the end)…

Thank you so much and sorry for grammatical error.

@StewieGi3l you can convert your decision tree into a ruleset and apply each row separately. The rule will contain additional information to maybe identify the leaf:

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