Decision Tree View For Random Forest


I have done a Random Forest analysis, but I don’t know how to interpret and write the analysis report involving Random Forest.
Does anybody have great articles/references/videos to be used as guidelines to interpret a complete result of Random Forest? Such as interpreting the decision trees that were produced. Which one should I choose as Random Forest produces many Decision Trees? I would like to go in-depth until at the level of the decision tree view, but I am confused about choosing the one that represents the whole result of Random Forest. Please help me…

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If you are interested in data science with KNIME I would suggest to visit our blog where you can find many detailed articles on different topic. Here is a selection for random forest.

Moreover you can find many educational video on our KNIMETV YouTube channel.
Random Forest video
Bagging and Boosting video
Decision Tree video
(These are only examples you can find many others in this topic or in other topics as well.)

Or if you like to learn from book it worth to have a look on the KNIME Press page where you can find many - even free of charge - e-books.



Thanks Dora @dora_gcs

I will go through the links that you have given. Highly appreciated your info regarding the random forest.


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