Decision tree with loop end problem

Hi everyone :)

I am trying to create more than one decision tree model and use all of them results.

I created a workflow you can see in attachments, when i select Unique row IDs by appending a suffix option in Loop End node, i can reach the results but  after this step i have to use missing value node and Group by node for group my rows again. Because Loop End operation this node creates another rows for new column results and put all another rows '?' char.  i just want to add new calculated columns to same row. 

First, i think, select Leave row IDs unmodified option in Loop End node but it gives me Duplicate key detected message you can see attached image.

How can i see the results in new columns but not using group by node after loop end node?

why Loop End node can not handle this issue? or can you give me another advice for doing this?


Thanks for your interest.



Hi, you need the Loop End (column Append) node.

Best regards, Iris

Thanks :)