DecisionTree plot: Record count has decimal digits

Why i see in the DT plot that the number of records is not an integer ?

Hi @malik

do you maybe have an example workflow for this?

Hi @Iris
Yes this is

and thatcheddt_example.xlsx (36.9 KB) EXCEL input

Hi @malik

yes I found it.

recordCount : The value of recordCount in a Node serves as a base size for recordCount values in ScoreDistribution elements. These numbers do not necessarily determine the number of records which have been used to build/train the model. Nevertheless, they allow to determine the relative size of given values in a ScoreDistribution as well as the relative size of a Node when compared to the parent Node.

This is copied from the PMML description we again use in the node. That is the reason why it sometimes can be non-full numbers.


hi @Iris,
how can we fix the this problem, I have a decision tree, but the output shows decimal number that should be categorical.

Hi @Iris again, I found the solution that is about to missing value, after I fixed the missing value, it worked without decimal.

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