Decommissioned nodes: Configuration not recoverable (NGS – Bash)


the sudden decommissioning of the Bash node is causing even more bad side effects.

I wanted to continue work on other workflows:

Unfortunately I recognized, due to Bash gotten decommissioned without advanced warning time, that these workflows are basically broken. Broken to such an extend, as the purpose / configuration of the decommissioned nodes seem not properly recoverable, that I struggle to continue where I had to pause.

Anyone got an advice except downgrading Knime? Maybe that is not feasible too as NGS could have been removed entirely from the repositories (just an assumption).


@mwiegand in applying the suggestion by @carstenhaubold (External Tool "issues" and high difficulty to use - #12 by carstenhaubold) I have built this and from the first glance it seems to be doing what you want. Maybe you can check this out:


Thanks @mlauber71 but it’s not really about a replacement for the bash node (fyi, I started that other thread :wink: and now working on updating my workflows). It’s more about a follow up “challenge” when trying to replicate what was once configured in the bash nodes but became inaccessible to some degree.

Maybe this is more about the deccomissioning process itself causing many negative effects. By trying to configure the decommissioned nodes one could figure out the former node settings.


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